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Grade 1 is one of the most difficult grades because of the transition from play to learn.  It is filled with new experiences everyday, that form the foundation from which your child will proceed. This is a big leap your little one has to take with a lot of pressure. In this year, they will either develop an interest for school and reading, or not.  Most First Graders are eager to learn and explore. Make these opportunities a positive encounter to keep their interest going. 

If you start this journey with strong building blocks, you will see this little Grade 1 seed grow and prosper.  Keep in mind that Grade 1 is going to be an exiting time for you and your child, full of leaps in their development.  Enjoy it with your child! 

With the number of learners in the class, you must realize that your child's education does not rest on the shoulders of his or her Grade 1 teacher alone. The teacher is merely the facilitator - she forms part of a team that also include the parent and the Grade 1 learner.  

This is where More Grade1 comes in.  We want to help you to keep your First Grader on track in school with skill-builders, tips, and helpful advice for enhancing his learning experience.  We did the research and worked through numerous websites, e-books and articles to find the best exercises and suggestions on how you can help your child. 

Although we focus mainly on additional exercises in Language and Maths, we also felt it important to address some other issues on how to start building on your child's school career the right way and how to help your Grade 1 cope with the pressures of Big School.

All the websites we point to on our Language and Maths pages are completely free of charge.  We tried link to sites with only the best and most relevant information, exercises and activities, but which will also appeal to your Grade 1 child. 



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