What you can do to assist your child with mathematics

If your child can learn to enjoy and not fear mathematics, then the world of patterns, numbers and shapes will open up for him. Maths is all around the house, shops and nature.  Therefore, think and talk maths with your child.


  • How many nails / apples did we buy?
  • Which bucket / glass holds more water?
  • What does that toy cost? Which one is more expensive?
  • What is the time?  What time must we wake up?  What time does his school start? 
  • How much time before we take the bread out of the oven?
  • What shape should we make the cookie? What shape is that road sign?
  • Ask your child to take the right amount of money out of your purse when buying bread?
  • Let your Grade 1 read the instruction on the pack when you make jelly.
  • Sort jellytots according to colour. Count them and draw a graph.  How many green ones?  How many do you have if you add the green and yellow ones? 

Note that these exercises are additional and must only be given to a child after his homework has been completed.  Remember to make homework and maths fun. 

Studyladder  - This site has loads of fun activities for your grade 1 learner.  Each level has been given a colour.  When you are done with the first level, you can move on to the next colour.  Unfortunately, the unpaid option has a daily limit and you must register to use the free exercises.  Registration is easy and quick.  Enjoy! 

The Kidz Page - Stunning website with both printables and online activities.  They offer everything from maths, spot the difference, sudoku, colouring and much, much more.  Surely one site that must be listed under your favourites!

Worksheetworks  - What a great site this is.  The site is only in beta stage now, but already stands out above the rest.  You can create your own worksheet in just a few clicks.  You can adjust the size and the level of the worksheet.  Some new ideas all around.  One of the best I came across.  Enjoy!

Worksheet for Math  - Great math mazes, dot-to-dot and colour fill with maths printables. The site is not devided into grades.

Softschools - Great interactive First Grade games!  But it also gives you a tool to generate your own worksheets - you can manipulate the minimum and maximum numbers, the font and horizontal or vertical calculations.

Print Activities - Thousands of themed printables from mazes, dot-to-dot, number mazes, word search and much, much more...

Worksheet Universe - Printables are black and white and the learner can colour the pictures. Apart from addition and subtraction, you will find number mazes, dot-to-dot and more.  Just make sure of the level of the worksheet.  Although the worksheets are divided by Grade, I found some very difficult ones for your First Grader and parents will have to screen the exercises before giving them to the learner.

Print Stationary - Colourful maths printables.

tlsBook - What an amazing world of Maths!  I especially like the addition numbers charts.

IXL - This is a great interactive website. Although based on the 2002 National Curriculum, it still has great educational resources.  It has, unfortunately, a daily exercise limit. 

Kidzone - Great Maths printables.

Kidport - A very informative interactive site.  Some activities do not have voiced instructions and a parent will need to be close by to read the instructions.

All Kids Network - Great printable worksheets for teaching addition and subtraction.  This site is not divided by grade and parents must take care not to choose worksheets that are too difficult for the learner.  It offers a variety of great activities like crossword puzzles, dot-to-dot activities and more.

SA Homeschool - Great SA money worksheets.